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    Do you think something as insignificant as a global pandemic can stop the rock and metal scene? Hell no!

    While gigs are a more than a bit thin on the ground at the moment why not use the downtime and spare cash to get that shirt our hoody you've been eyeing up for ages?

    Things will get back to normal and we'll all soon be drinking cold beer in the sun watching our favourite bands, but meanwhile stay safe and positive because you can't stop the rock!!!

  • SALE NOW ON!!!

    We have a huge sale on right now. There have been loads of prices slashed across the whole website.  Behemoth, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Machine Head, Marduk, Devin Townsend & Megadeth are just a few bands that we have officially licensed merchandise available to order.As well as metal merchandise, we also have a range of sci-fi, horror movie & t.v. t-shirts such as Star Wars, Robocop, Cannibal Holocaust, Breaking Bad & more. Be sure to check out the sale section & make sure you check out the rest of the site for further reduced prices.

  • Slipknot top U.K. album charts

    After 18 years Slipknot have once again topped the u.k. album chart with their new album We Are Not Your Kind. The album has been receiving some very positive feedback by their fans, myself included. Personally, I think it`s awesome to have a metal album top the charts.

    Slipknot are currently on tour with what looks like an awesome stage show & with a U.K. tour coming next year, it looks like they are in for a busy year ahead for the masked maggot leaders.

  • Bloodstock 2019

    Bloodstock 2019 was another great weekend, as it always is. We had sun, wind, rain & a bit of mud but, it didn`t stop everyone from having a great weekend. It`s always great for us to go to that festival with the store & meet new faces as well as catching up with those who pop by every year for a quick chat.

    There were some great performances from Parkway Drive, Sabataton, Scorpions, Bloodbath, Cradle Of Filth, Aborted, Hypocrisy, Powerwolf, Dee Snider & Anthrax to name just a few.

    We do still have some merch from this year's line up available. You can find them right here

    Bloodstock 2020 is already on the horizon with the first few bands already announced. May as well do all again next year then. We will see you all there.

  • Bloodstock 2019

    Best metal festival in the U.K is nearly here and we are uber excited!!!!

    The metal bandwagon will soon be loaded with a huge range of merch and the odd can of beer so come along and see us in the usual spot opposite the Main Stage.

    If you've got any merch requests let us know via email mail@electric-amphetamine.com and we'll do our best to get them for you on the day.

    If you can't make it then we've set up a convenient link to merch by the bands playing here

    We shall see you there.

  • Bloodstock is coming!

    Wow its almost time again for the greatest metal festival in the UK, the mighty Bloodstock Open Air 2018!!!!

    If you've never been and you like your music fast and loud then this is the festival you've been waiting for, check out their website here.

    And you've been before, give yourself a smug big pat on the back.

    As always some awesome bands on the line up (check out their merch here) and we look forward to a long weekend in the sun drinking beer and tearing it up with our mates while we watch these puveyors of dirty riffs.

    As always the Electric Amphetamine team will be on site with our stall (sort of) facing the main stage so come and say eh up and maybe get hold of some rare or hard to find merch while youre at it.

    Whatever happens have a blast and maybe see you there!


  • Black Friday my arse!

    Black metal friday more like. Instead of bombarding you with emails to buy stuff you don't want why not sign up for our occasional newsletter for stuff you do like? And our prices are permanently great. Result!

    If you like it enough to buy it cool, if not no sweat.

    Sign up here.

    Cheers and stay metal,


  • Bloodstock Festival.

    Ok so a little late but finally recovered from the debauchery of Bloodstock. Had a fantastic time, met some great people, saw some amazing bands and of course drank enough to kill a horse.

    So for those who went, thanks, and those who didn't, get your arses there next year when we get to do it all again.

    We've just about updated the stocklists so expect some more new stock in the following weeks as we re-stock.

    Cheers people,


  • EA Rocked Amplified Festival!

    The EA team have just got back from the brand spanking new Amplified Festival in Gloucestershire. Beer was drunk, the stereo was turned up to 11 and we got just a little bit wet, but hey ho.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and to the Amplified guys, the weather was against us this year but we shall return! Check out the Amplified official here for what really does promise to be a brilliant festival in a great location.

    We'll catch up with everyone next at the mighty Bloodstock so drag your arses down there for some quality bands and come in and say hello to us at the same time.


  • Hello world!

    Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new Electric Amphetamine webstore!

    This replaces the old site with much better software to enable us to deliver an improved service to you the customer.

    Please feel free to point out any glitches to us as like with all new things its not perfect and needs tweaking but otherwise have a good nose around and see if anything takes your fancy.

    We hope to be constantly adding new stock and especially over the next few months so please keep checking back, or even better register an account for regular updates.

    Thanks for looking, cheers, skol, prost etc


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